Scriptbox Error Info Fix

Scriptbox Error Info Fix v2.0.0 - Februrary 5th, 2014


The Scriptbox Error Fix fixes a bug in the default Ace program where whenever an event encountered an error when running a ‘Script…’ command, it would report an error on line 1411 of the Game_Interpreter. The purpose of this script is to fix this by providing useful information as to a bug’s location.


– Useful debugging information for events

– Supports Common Events

– Supports Move routes

– Option to displaying event names

– Displays the event ID, script box number, and line number where the error occurred.


Scriptbox Error Message Fix Header

How to Use

This script is plug-n-play, with one configuration option.


No demo is available for this script.


Download the script for free here, or consider using our sponsored link to support development (Please disable any adblock you have)



Credit and Thanks

– Credit is option, but appreciated. However, do not claim you wrote this.

– Credit Zalerinian if you wish.

Author’s Notes

Known Issues:

When using Tsukihime’s Parallel pages, common events may not be detected properly. The event that called them will be reported as the source of the error, however the script box and line number should still be correct.

When using items that call common events, the type and ID will be reported as unknown, however the script box number and line number will be correct.

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