Object Reinitializer

Object Reinitializer v1.0.2 - February 24th, 2014


The Object Reinitializer attempts to fix issues regarding old save files being loaded onto a new version of a game, and then receiving an error for a variable being nil. This script is NOT foolproof, but it will help solve issues in most cases.


– Prevents compatibility issues with most scripts and saves


None Applicable

How to Use

This script is plug-n-play, with no configuration options.


No demo is available for this script.

Known Issues:

A bug has been found where any equipped armor will be reset to the default armor upon loading a save, deleting any equipped armor.


Download the script for free here, or consider using our sponsored link to support development (Please disable any adblock you have)



Credit and Thanks

– Credit is option, but appreciated. However, do not claim you wrote this.

– If you wish to credit me, please credit me as Zalerinian.

Author’s Notes

This script is not foolproof for every situation. While I cannot guarantee compatibility with every script that exists, I see if i can make as many items as possible compatible.

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