Developer Console

Console v1.1.1 - March 10, 2014


The console script gives the developer a lot of tools to use in order to test their game. Some key features are toggling events on or off, a more accurate FPS counter, and moving the character around.


– Move the character around the map.

– Move the character to a different map.

– Modify the current inventory.

– List all items, weapons, armor, etc in the database for easier inventory manipulation.

– Scrollable message window so messages don’t easily get lost

– Toggle-able event IDs above each event, and other toggle-able features

– Disable all or specific events

– Check for events that are parallel process or autorun.

– And More


console 1

console 2

How to Use

This script is plug-n-play, with many configuration options.


No demo is available for this script (coming soon).


Download the script for free here, or consider using our sponsored link to support development (Please disable any adblock you have)



Credit and Thanks

– Credit is option, but appreciated. However, do not claim you wrote this.

– Credit Zalerinian if you wish.

Author’s Notes

This script requires the Window_Textbox script to function.

Full list of commands as of version 1.1.1:

  • Speed
  • toggle
  • give
  • list
  • help
  • kill
  • transfer
  • moveto
  • clear
  • level
  • restart
  • _restart
  • run
  • check
  • cme
  • switch
  • variable

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