Input Simulator

Input Simulator v1.0.0 - February 13th, 2014


The Input Simulator script allows a developer to send specific key presses to the game, effectively simulating a keypress from the player.


– Send input from any key on the keyboard (Designed for the US qwerty keyboard)


There are no screenshots available for this script.

How to Use

This script is plug-n-play


No demo is currently available for this script.


Download the script for free here, or consider using our sponsored link to support development (Please disable any adblock you have)



Credit and Thanks

– Credit is option, but appreciated. However, do not claim you wrote this.

– Credit Zalerinian if you wish.

Author’s Notes

Known Issues:

There is currently no way to determine the player’s key bindings as set through the menu in F1. The Keyboard Manager allows you to setup a specific key layout, which can be used with the simulator.

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